Noel is an aspiring polymath merging philosophical reflection and empirical inquiry, driven by a focus on maximising contribution. Listed below are the core principles he has found to be useful for living his best days, with recommended literature that inspired each.

1. Discipline

Be unapologetically disciplined.

The only thing or person you can truly control is yourself. Hence, discipline lays at the core of fulfilling most wants and needs. It pays off to be – unapologetically disciplined. In nearly everything you do, practise this skill. Because that is what it is: a skill to be learned and improved.1

2. Passion

Be insanely passionate about something.

Have something that makes you forget to eat / sleep. This passion allows you to pursue and create relentlessly. It allows you to shoot for the moon and reach the stars. It will be deeply meaningful.2

3. Curiosity

Be curious about everything.

Be interested in the little things. Have diverse interests. Be easily fascinated. Ask how and why things work. Learn about them. This curiosity drives continuous excitement. It sparks new ideas.3

4. Intention

Life is ending every second, don’t be stupid.

Remind yourself of your own mortality. Be aware of how you spend your limited time. Do so with intention. Embody a philosophy of life – to live a life worth having lived.4

5. Virtue

Be good, do good.

The highest good is virtue. Be a good person. Find joy in being of use to society, in contributing. Maximise your potential and have a positive net contribution. Let this principle be at the core of your decisions. It will be intrinsic. It will be freeing.5

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